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About The Total Stylist

The Total Stylist was founded to give beginning beauty professionals the proven systems, business tools, client tracking methods, and advanced hair techniques to accelerate their careers as hairstylists and begin to earn in the top 1% within 5 years or less.

The Total Stylist Vision

Our vision is to help aspiring hairstylists be successful in starting and running their own business

The Total Stylist Mission

Our mission is is to teach and guide stylists through a step-by-step process to start & run a business and give them the tools and systems to excel in their careers 

The Values of a Total Stylist

Customer Focus

You are the customer's "hair doctor," their "therapist." Listen to them, take notes, and recommend solutions to their specific problems.


As a hairstylist, you are a self-employed business owner. Your business and skills are a reflection of you. Take your craft seriously.


The Total Stylist provides comprehensive education and training to help hair professionals learn how to achieve more in their career, regardless of their experience or situation.

The Golden Rule

Treat others the way you would want to be treated. This includes your clients and coworkers.

90/10 Rule

You have the opportunity to make someone feel special - spend 90% of the time talking about the client, while only 10% on yourself.

Dress for Success

You are in the fashion and beauty industry, and clients look to you for advice and inspiration. Make sure you look the part.

Stick to the Process

Don't cut corners or cheat. Follow your processes and run the system. Delivering a consistently high-quality service is easy when you follow your processes.

About Lora Brown

Lora Brown is an award-winning salon owner and the founder of The Total Stylist. With over 35 years of advanced education, training, business experience, and having trained countless beginner hairstylists, Lora has seen it all.


Lora opened her first salon, “Lora Brown Salon” in 1996, and her second salon, “The Salon by Lora Brown” in February of 2008.

The Salon by Lora Brown was recognized as a “Salon of Distinction” in Salon Today Magazine in 2009.

Lora has been an educator and platform artist for Paul Mitchell in Texas. She is currently a member of the N.C.A. and P.B.A. In 2020, her Salon was awarded for Top Business Excellence by the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce. 

Lora has always been driven and passionate to help others grow and that’s why she has created The Total Stylist. To act as a guide for beginning hair stylists and to be there by their side helping as they grow their careers. 

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